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Lotfy family has been growing fruits & vegetables since the 1970’s in Monufya governorate, in the middle of River Nile Delta, Egypt. They have always been known for their superior potatoes, and grapes. Essam Lotfy took the business one step forward by establishing the export company “Alard Altayeba” As a company focused on agriculture and planning to become one of the leading fresh produce exporters in Egypt.

“Alard Altayeba” formed farmers associations in different governorates of Egypt. Every association has been supported to gain Global Gap certificate and has a packing house. “Alard Altayeba” supports the farmers technically and financially for every crop we export. The company now has a wide range of products including Table Grapes, Peaches, Strawberries, Green Beans, Salad Onions, Snow Peas, citrus, Capsicums and other crops such as, Fresh Garlic, Artichokes, Melons and Mangoes.

The Mission of our company has always been “supplying customers with top quality products at a very competitive prices” and provide our customers with excellent customer services in order to build a long terms business with our customers.

“Alard Altayeba” started its business by exporting top quality orange, strawberry to Greece, and then new markets were developed, such as Italy. This year 2021, our plane is to start export to Africa..

The chairman of the company, Mr. Essam Lotfy has been in trade business since 1996, Mr. Lotfy hold MBA, major international business from Maastricht school of management (MSM). Mr. Lotfy worked for Arab League as a trade barriers expert for some years, during those years he has done a lot of researches and work on trade barriers among Arab countries.

Our objectives are: . Expand sales to 30 m EGP Increase production capacity, Increase staff to 10 people.

Mission: . "to grow into a sustainable agricultural and food products provider and partner, ensuring supply sufficiency, high quality of farming and production operations, affordability of logistical distribution and protection of the environment and natural resources". Egypt is our Farm and the Glob is our market. . Values: . Our seven values serve as a compass for how we operate and interact with the world: . Integrity: We uphold honest and transparent practices in all our relationships. Quality: We strive to make outstanding products and maintain excellent operating practices. Health: We grow and contract growing a conventual fruits and vegetables. Small Farming: We partner with, invest in, transfer technology to and buy from small farmers. Sustainability: We promote sustainability in all areas of our business from agricultural practices to processing. Empowerment: We hire, train and empower people from marginal communities to operate and advance our business. Collaboration: We work with other private and public stakeholders to promote positive social and environmental impact. Objectives: . Our objectives are: . Expand sales to 30 m EGP Increase production capacity, Increase staff to 10 people. 

Vision: . “Achieving food security and long-term growth and sustainability by partner with governmental and commercial entities”

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